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Our network footprint
covers most parts
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Who we are:

Expertise in Mobile Advertising...

Velafrica has expertise in mobile advertising and all other related mobile services. Operating in more than 20 African countries, Velafrica has its network footprint set wide in most parts of Africa, exposing our clients' brands to over 300 Million consumers in Africa.

Network footprint covering most parts of Africa...

Through partnership, we have developed a range of services and products to assist companies with their mobile strategy, customer retention, communication, database building and management, lead generation, incentive programs and opportunities to generate additional income using our mobile solutions.

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Velafrica Background

We are committed to positioning organizations' brand visibility, 'PRECISELY' within the African Market...

Velafrica is an expert in Mobile Engagement Solutions in Africa. Established in 2016, Velafrica has been able to set foot in over 20 countries in Africa. Veltafrica is a leading mobile innovations company in the market, well known for its communication strategies for organizations through mobile.

We have expertise in business strategy and mobile communication in the African market, leveraging Velafrica to be the leading mobile solutions company in Africa, trading within the best organization standards.

Velafrica Clients

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    Our Mission

    Visibility with Precision...

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Mobile advertising enables you to REACH and ENGAGE your audience regardless of the type of phone they have. Our platform complements and ties in traditional media using call to action links and spreads this media to mobile users engaged through the network.

Our Platform...


300,000 PER DAY


600,000 Impressions PER DAY


Upto 325,000 Impressions PER DAY

Mobile Advertising...

Over 240 Million Reach in Africa
Over 30 African Countries Network Presence
Over 10 Mobile Advertising Channels

Frequently Asked Questions:

We shall require your campaign message, purchase order and proof of payment to be able to run your advert.

Like instantly. We have upgraded our services such that as long as the slot is available then your ad can be uploaded.

  • - For missed call alert we shall guarantee a REACH of up to 600,000 views everyday with an average conversation rate of 10%.
  • - FPCM alerts 375,000 views per day.
  • - USSD notifications will vary by time of day. The peak times being 6am to 10am and 4pm to 8pm.

For USSD we shall require a maximum of 130 characters and 60 characters for Please Call Me (PCM) alert and Missed Call alert (MCA) including the link respectively. The link could be your website, poster, bill board advert or youtube TV commercial.

We can precisely target your advert to your customers according to:

  • - Age
  • - Gender
  • - Location
  • - Average income bracket

We shall raise for you reports to show actual numbers in terms of impressions upon request. It's so precise and cannot be guaranteed by any other form of media.

A paybill number shall be provided for your ease of payment besides, our account details.

This is one media of its kind that can guarantee immediate feedback and return on investment.


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